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Linnenberg Vivace DSD DAC


The VIVACE DAC by Linnenberg

Supports all high resolution music formats including DXD (352.8kHz/32bit) as well as a DSD stream at 2.8224MHz and 5.6448MHz. 3x digital inputs provide flexibility for the source connection, whereas the balanced and unbalanced analogue outputs directly drive a power amplifier. Volume – if no preamp is in use – is adjustable in digital precision. In comparison to his predecessor udc1, the VIVACE has lower noise, lower distortion, superior accuracy plus the new high sample rate asynchronous USB audio interface previously employed in the ARIOSO / u:c:a mk2...




Even with a standard 44.1kHz/16Bit source you will experience a crisp and clean sound never heard before. This is of particular importance because music from the major labels is obtainable in the CD format only. Higher data rates will give you more air and sparkle, while DSD showcases an even livelier and vibrant sound...

The ES9018 ESS Sabre DAC is the heart of the VIVACE, regarded as one of the finest silicon implementations in the industry. This chip incorporates innovative circuits delivering spectacular music free from annoying artefacts. The femto master clock with a clock accuracy of under 0.1ps clock jitter makes this approach feasible. 4x balanced 32-bit D/A converter per channel pass over audio to our proprietary discrete analogue circuits...

A passive zero feedback I/V converter consisting of precision resistors and an ultra low noise dual monolithic transistor is the perfect link between ES9018 and the output buffers. This arrangement is absolutely free from slew rate induced distortions, provoked by high frequency out of band noise.

Asynchronous - USB - transceiver: Any form of jitter in the incoming datastream is compensated by a small buffer. The audio data is clocked by a local high precision quartz master clock, eliminating all timing related distortions...




The transceiver circuitry is galvanically isolated from the rest of the DAC. The coupling capacitance between the two sections is in the order of a few picofarads. This eliminates effectively the noise interference from the host PC...

The COAX inputs use an additional jitter bug in front of the ES9018, releasing the latter from the burden of decoding the S/PDIF data stream. With this feature, even weak S/PDIF sources benefit from the high resolution DAC engine the ES9018 provides...

Selected highest quality parts throughout from leading manufacturers. The power supply uses high-efficiency low noise circuits and may be operated from any standard international voltage without adjustment. To achieve the lowest possible noise, the VIVACE uses multi stage LC-filtering and distributed microvolt noise regulators. We don’t use the ubiquitous LM317/337 voltage regulator because they are not state of the art...


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