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VPI - Classic Direct Drive Turntable

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The VPI Classic Direct Drive Turntable...

is the newest turntable in the VPI Classic line. Our design takes advantage of 21st Century motor technology for accurate speed control utilizing a servo motor controller coupled with an active feedback loop to control the motion of the platter. It is a true measure of design and engineering excellence. The Classic Direct Drive Turntable is precision manufactured and painstakingly handmade entirely in the USA. It is simple to set up and is free from any shift in factory settings over time...


Some of the VPI Classic Direct Drive Turntable key features are:

  • Direct drive with no mechanical contact in the horizontal plane. The lowest noise drive and bearing design architecture possible.
  • A precision inverted bearing and PEEK bearing surface for minimum friction.
  • Servo controlled with an active feedback loop that measures and controls the speed of the platter directly to yield the most consistent and accurate playback possible.
  • A high mass billet aluminum platter weighing 18 lbs (8 Kg).
  • Speed accuracy of .01% or 5 Sigma from 33.3 RPM and from 45.0 RPM.
  • A proprietary non-cogging drive system that uses the platter as the rotor and a printed circuit board stator.
  • A ½" thick machined aluminum plate bonded to 2" of MDF creating a plinth which is so massive and well damped it virtually eliminates resonance.
  • An external universal power supply that is internationally approved to remove line noise generating components from within the turntable.

VPI produced a superior design...

by using fundamentally sound engineering coupled with innovative applications of new technologies. By bringing together a team of engineers and companies with proven track records of engineering achievements we have established a new level of performance in turntables that reach the limits of analog technology. The revolutionary design, the ground breaking direct drive system, the most accurate speed control achieved to date, the outstanding industrial design, the list goes on and on substantiating why the VPI Classic Direct Drive Turntable is the most advanced and technically superior turntable design ever...


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