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Sadurni Acoustics Staccato Horn Speaker


Sadurni Acoustics Staccato - The turbine horn

Sadurni Acoustics "Staccato" project aroused enthusiasm and astonishment in our expert listening panel from the onset. A number of horns were carefully calculated, constructed and listened to by themselves and as a system looking for the perfect combination. Several designs of horns and drivers were presented and discarded in order to achieve the final topology-perfect integration of tone and texture with minimal signal loss. It is a solution brought on from a long and complex procedure, a quest for the right horn size and loading for each frequency range masterfully executed in such a way that would simplify the most complicated process: the transition from one transducer to the next...


In order to achieve an emblematic execution, the best methods of amplification and channel crossing were tested. Formidable results were achieved with active crossovers, being a little heavy with multiple stages of amplification. Passive crossovers at line level were clean sounding, but impedance problems arise. Our expert panel came to realize through extended listening tests, with state of the art equipment, that speaker level crossovers, when uncompromisingly executed, bring out a most harmonious detailed sound and texture that take away nothing from the best line level crossovers, causing less damage to the delicate line signals. So the Staccato speaker level crossovers were constructed with multi amplification in mind for unparalleled performance...



The sound from our Staccato model asserts its extraordinary aesthetic qualities through its constituent parts positioned in perfect time alignment, detached and individually connected allowing for the most complete placement and multiple set up options, bringing down all barriers in the quest to achieve the perfect resolution with an extensive tone palette reminiscent of the most sophisticated concert halls...


The turbine horn as a distinctive design element, as well as the harmonious contrast of the acoustically transparent support, has majestically elevated this design of well balanced surfaces and clear line structures to give an impression of movement and speed...



4 Way Horn loaded
Solid MDF buit Horns

Frequency response
from 25 hz to 40 khz

Active Biased Xover

Multiamp ready

Sensitivity 110 db

ABW* Separate Bass System
Configured to your room size
Active line Bass Xover included

Custom options available


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