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Loit Eagle Audio System


Not only looks gorgeous... It is a piece of art...

Russian design-meister Art Lebedev has got something to do with this audio system, which consists of a high-end CD player sitting on the top of a triangular minimalist amplifier...

Loit company of Singapore aims to deliver extra-quality audio systems meeting the highest consumer expectations... Loit Designs hopes to woo all the audiophiles with its Eagle Hi-Fi system that aims to deliver high fidelity audio from compact disc media...


The high-end audio system comprises high-end Neo-Retro CD Player that sits smartly on a triangular amplifier. Details are scanty at the moment about the pricing and other technical details. For now, you can just cast your beady eyes on the elegantly designed audio system (thanks Art Lebedev for the pics)...

The 'Y' form of the product is inspired by the ' flux capacitor ' that allows Professor Emmett Brown to travel through the time in the film ' Back to the Future '... This metaphor materializes the sound flow by suggesting its travel through the system... Initiating the machine from the front panel sends an instruction towards the center of the device that activates the 'engine'... The optical heads then generate the actual audio signal which divides in two data fluxes, each flowing through the right or left channel to feed the stereo speakers...


loit-eagle-remote This audio system with its outstanding sound and visual design is what true music lovers are likely to appreciate... The combo includes also one of the finest looking remotes ever seen...

I do not know how much it costs, I even do not know if this sound machine does really exists, but if, I hope sometime can hear it...

Due to its fantastic look this combo rightly takes a place in ACA site front page carrousel...

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