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First Power Supply Ever To Use Today's Best Capacitors Receives U.S. Patent

RHB Sound Dezign's power supply gives audiophiles improved dynamics, speed, soundstage and more

GreenForce™, the first music signal power supply ever to use today's best capacitors and no electrolytics, has been patented by Bob Backert of RHB Sound Dezign, an electronics modification firm serving audiophiles around the world. It is the first major advance in linear power supply design since the 1930s.

Bob Backert has been modifying and improving amplifiers for decades. With rave reviews on the "" forums, his designs are always hand-built in the United States, and never use negative feedback. "For me, it's all about live music," said Mr. Backert. "When you walk into a restaurant or club, it seems you can always tell right away if the music is recorded, or live. I wanted a power supply that would deliver the same speed, accuracy and powerful dynamics as live music. GreenForce is the realization of that dream."

Why are capacitors important to music?

Your preamplifier receives the DC power it requires from a capacitor in the power supply. Accurate DC power is essential. For example, loud drum hits and bass pulses require far more power than soft violins or flutes, but each requires very specific, constantly changing levels of power, on a "right now" basis.

A poor-quality capacitor will not deliver power to your preamplifier exactly as required by your music. This impairs the rhythm, dynamics and soundstage of your music, and in the worst cases can make a system sound "slow".

What are the best capacitors?

The best capacitors are "film". Many excellent film capacitors use polypropylene film. The very best use a more expensive type of film - one example is the "V-Cap" brand.

So, the world's best preamplifiers have the best capacitors in their power supplies. Right?

Wrong. Surprisingly, not a single preamp in the world relies on the very best film capacitors for its power supply. Until now, with GreenForce.

Even more surprisingly, most preamps rely on electrolytic capacitors for the power supply. Electrolytics are relatively low-quality, and do not respond accurately to music signal demands. They age over time, requiring replacement. In rare cases they can burst open, leaking destructive chemicals onto other circuitry. Film capacitors have none of these problems.

Why don't the "best" power supplies use the very best capacitors?

Because the very best capacitors don't come in big enough values. For example, a typical linear power supply that produces music signal might require capacitors with 50 uF (a tubed preamp) or 5,000 uF (a solid-state preamp). But the largest value V-Cap you can buy is 3.3 uF, at a retail price of $699.99. Clearly, it is not practical to use V-Caps to meet a 50 uF or 5,000 uF requirement.

What's the secret? How can GreenForce™ use only the best capacitors?

The patented GreenForce™ power supply requires only about 0.5 uF in a tubed preamplifier. This makes the very best capacitors utterly affordable to use. In a solid-state preamplifier, GreenForce requires only about 10 uF, which allows the use of high-quality polypropylene capacitors.

How does GreenForce™ sound? What does it cost?

The GreenForce™ power supply gives your preamplifier improved dynamics, and noticeably better, more swinging rhythm. Bass has faster attack, soundstage expands, and music becomes more compelling. Orchestras and bands sound more cohesive, while solo instruments and vocals become more immediate and "right there."

RHB Sound Dezign can install the GreenForce™ power supply for less than $1,000 in most preamplifiers, phono preamps, some sources such as CD players, and some power amplifiers. Some solid-state designs do not permit installation for technical reasons.

For more information on mods, visit RHB Sound Dezign. Customer testimonials about RHB's modifications are on RHB’s Testimonials Page. For more technical information about the GreenForce power supply, visit GreenForceSupply.

Contact: Andy Tebbe, (302) 723-7549

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