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Gryphon Mephisto Solo


Gryphon Audio Designs Releases The Gryphon Mephisto Solo Monoblock Power Amplifier

High End audio’s reaction to the current economic meltdown has been varied, but it is safe to say that a 108 kg per channel mono power amplifier at 84,000 Euro plus local taxes for a pair has not been the typical response.

Some high profile brands soldier on, dazed and confused, with significantly downsized ambitions. Some have surrendered, lending their name recognition to a range of iProduct accessories. Others have quietly closed up shop and simply faded away.

Gryphon Audio Designs of Denmark, however, have gambled and won with a very different approach. Perhaps invigorated by 25th anniversary celebrations the year before, Gryphon posted its best results ever in 2011, following the introduction of the acclaimed Legato Legacy phonostage and their most ambitious and costly pre/power system ever, Gryphon Pandora and Mephisto.


Gryphon Mephisto Solo Inside

But Gryphon owners are a breed apart, so in response to a groundswell of demand, Gryphon now introduces the Mephisto Solo single-channel power amplifier. Based on 80 high-current bipolar output transistors and a 1,000,000 microFarad capacitor bank, Mephisto Solo delivers 200 Watts (8 Ohm), 400 W (4 Ohm) and 800 W (2 Ohm), RMS continuous Pure Class A power. Peak output into 0.25 ohms: 9000 watts.

While monoblock construction is not uncommon, most manufacturers simply create a bridged version of an existing stereo product, coupling two channels in series to form a single amplifier with increased voltage and, nominally, more output power. Unfortunately, the inevitable side effects of this approach include doubling distortion, doubling input impedance (impairing the ability to drive low-impedance loads) and cutting damping factor in half (reducing control of cone motion at low frequencies).

The Gryphon Mephisto Solo topology offers almost the same output in watts but with double the output current, half the distortion and double the damping factor. Mephisto Solo is built for massive peak current swings into very low impedances without losing its cool.


Gryphon Mephisto Solo Opened

Like every Gryphon product, Gryphon Mephisto Solo is designed by Gryphon founder and CEO Flemming E. Rasmussen and manufactured in Denmark.

With the bold lines of the in house designed Mephisto heatsink profiles and the distinctive sheen of the brushed aluminium housing, Gryphon Mephisto Solo is a unique design concept, destined to find a place in the care of the most obsessively demanding music lover.

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About Gryphon Audio Designs

Since its inception in 1985, Gryphon Audio Designs of Denmark has earned a worldwide reputation for state of the art performance, intuitive ergonomics and stunning aesthetic design. The Gryphon is among the select few High End brands to offer complete system solutions incorporating digital sources, amplification and loudspeakers.

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