Avantgarde duo και λάμπες!!!!Μαγικός συνδυασμός...

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    I had loved the duo's when I had heard them when they first came out. They were brought to Greece later on from my friend Vangelis Lazarou. The new duo's are better of course, but the question in my mind was always, Could I LIVE with them? I love listening to them from time to time, but could I live with them....

    So Vangelis brought me his pair for a two week period to my old house. He was a good friend as I said.

    The two weeks I spent with them was great, almost amazing. BUT they were like holidays!! I loved them like I do chocolate but I could never take it forever.

    These speakers are like Venice, or Rome. They are amazing. But.........I couldn't live there.

    I know most of you will think they can live with this speaker forever....but judging from the past, I would think about that decision twice.

    That's my two cents on the Duo's. And to think, I owned and loved the Klipsch horn for many years, playing with Carry front end!

    13  26 Mar 2011  
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