Big Fan from Urla, Izmir

  • tugbil




    I am writing this from Urla, very close to Samos and Chios.
    I have a deep sympathy to Greece and lovely Greek People. my grand grand parents came here from Drama and Thessaloniki... I believe we are brothers and sisters.

    and I love music. I love to listen them trough good equipment.

    thank you accepting me...
    have a wonderful spring and summer!

    My Current System: Magico Mini2 Speakers, T+A PA3000HV, T+A DSD DAC8, VPI Classic2 TT, Parasound JC3+, Lyra Delos, Shunyata, Transparent and Signal Project Cabeling, Shunyata Vray8 Power Conditioning, Roon Core, Qobuz, Tidal, Synology 16 TB HD.

    1  30 Mar 2021  
  • Manos_Bits


    Chairman Administrator

    dear tugbil welcome to our audiophile community..
    if available, you can post here some photos from your great system
    you can also send us photos to to be published


    2  30 Mar 2021  
  • UltraKops


    ACA Member

    Hello Tugbay, welcome.

    Every summer I am in Chios, except last one due to C19.

    You have a very nice system, enjoy music!

    3  31 Mar 2021  
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