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  • Derainer



    Hello friends of high end analogue audio,
    my name is Rainer from Germany.

    I studied mechanical engineering and later had my own recording studio for many years. I have produced almost 2 dozen records. Therefore, I know very well, as it sounds behind the microphone, in the sound control.

    The new old one means that I was already a member in the other Greek forum about 8 years ago. At that time the contact came through Christos Skolumbakas.

    My passion is analogue music reproduction. I develop and build high end turntables drive units and tangential tonearms on behalf of my clients.

    This is meanwhile my main occupation. My products can be seen in Munich at the High End Show.

    My analogue sources:
    Recordplayer Dereneville Modulaire MKIII
    Tangential Tonearm Dereneville DTT-03
    Cartridges Dynavector DV DRT-XVt and DV DRT-XV1s
    Bi-Amping and Bi-Wireing with Revox two A740
    into two Tannoy Canterbury 15" SE

    That should be enough for today.

    kind regards, Rainer

    1  9 Apr 2018  
  • Manos_Bits


    Chairman Administrator

    Welcome back Reiner..

    2  9 Apr 2018  
  • Toptubes


    ACA Member

    Welcome aboard Rainer...

    3  9 Apr 2018  
  • Dieter



    Rainer....? Never heard in my life.

    4  15 Apr 2018  
  • Derainer



    Hello Dieter,
    search Google images for Dereneville and you'll remember.
    This too will help you to find your memory back again
    micro-seiki motorunit
    LG Rainer

    5  16 Apr 2018  
  • Dieter



    .....right,there was something.

    6  17 Apr 2018  
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