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    Could anyone recommend me a really good turntabele?
    Design is not so imortant, but must be real good machine, really true in music. I have had a Linn LP12 it is ok, a lot of cheap wood... also do not like Clearaudio and Transroter only for watching... Some ideas? Thank you.

    1  12 Sep 2017  
  • Manos_Bits


    Chairman Administrator

    welcome to our forum Siggi.. most of us (in ACA club) use and listen to analogue gear so everyone of us can tell you his stories and recommendations.. so let me start..

    firstly, I would never choose a suspended turntable like Linn Sondek LP12, I don't want my records to sit in a "kid's park like trampoline" when been played.. much overrated turntable, needs often setting, much trouble, never heard it hi-end sounding..

    I also could never go to a plastic-acrylic turntable like most of Clearaudios and Transrotors.. plastic and acrylic have tolerances and also generate much static electricity..

    so me personally, after really much searching and auditions I went the British way by choosing Nottingham Analogue Space 294.. it is a great turntable, very innovating design with big heavy platter and 12" carbon arm, heavy bearing oil bumping patented and very low torque motor just to keep the platter rotating in the correct speed..

    If I ever go to another table my first two(2) choices would be between top VPI and SME models.. great tables.. 3rd choice would be KUZMA also great table.. So those 3 brands are my personal recommendations along with my beloved NAS 294..

    so waiting for your comments and other members comments and recommendations, also please tell us which price tag you aim..

    best regards, welcome..

    2  12 Sep 2017  
  • Toptubes


    ACA Member

    Hello Siggi and welcome to our forum.
    I agree with Manos for the turntables that he proposed for your question...
    But on the other hand if you don't like to spend megaeuros look a beautiful turntable from Amari Acoustics (is the same manufacturer with Hanss Acustics). The model is LP82s.
    I'm saying that about this turntable since there is one available for sale, including a 12.1" tonearm . The turntable is one month old and it is as new, has about 10 working hours. Actually this model is a copy of the Micro Seiki RX-5000 and the tonearm a copy of the Brinkmann audio tonearm.
    The base is from solid aluminum 22 Kg and the platter also from solid aluminum 8.25 Kg
    Total weight with motor is 45 Kg!

    The price is only 2.000 but you have to pay for the shipping to Germany.

    3  13 Sep 2017  
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