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  • Toptubes


    ACA Member

    The beginning of 2017 we had a nice opportunity to meet audiophiles from a distant country.

    All started when we received a mail from Mr. Alexey Porodko representing the members of audiophile club from Chelyabinsk, Russia.

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    It was very pleasant to hear the nice words and their will to become a fellow club with the Audiophile Club of Athens.

    Recently the Audiophile Club from Chelyabinsk had its first birthday and we wish to our new friends, to have many more active years to come.

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    Welcome aboard dear friends and we hope that music make all the people united.

    1  25 Jan 2017  
  • Manos_Bits


    Chairman Administrator

    As I can see, there are Nottingham Analogue Turntable, British Monitor Speakers (Harbeth or Spendors?) and R2R tape, this must be a serious Audiophile Club..

    Welcome our friends!!

    2  26 Jan 2017  
  • Toptubes


    ACA Member

    I like that all of the members use the club's T-shirt... I think that we have to order T-shirts with ACA's logo...

    Many members too...

    3  26 Jan 2017  
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