Hello from Catalonia, Spain

  • noncondition



    I'm a new member of this legendary community. Proud to join this amazing group of connoiseurs. I have a tube, horn based system. I'll be glad sharing it with all of you.

    Thanks for accepting me and happy listening !.

    1  18 Jun 2016  
  • Manos_Bits


    Chairman Administrator

    well, well come.. nice to have you with us, feel free to open a new thread to share with us your system with fotos and some details.. I am Manos, welcome again..

    2  18 Jun 2016  
  • scoup



    Welcome my friend...passion for audio and music connect us all..!!!

    We are waiting photos and more info about your system

    3  18 Jun 2016  
  • Toptubes


    ACA Member

    welcome dear friend... I hope we see you often to our site-forum

    4  19 Jun 2016  
  • panos_adgr


    ACA Member Audio Addicted

    Hello and welcome to our community of audio and music enthusiasts!

    We will be glad to share your thoughts with us.

    5  19 Jun 2016  
  • IoannisSweden


    ACA Member

    Welcome ! Please feel free to share some pictures.
    Tubes + horns.. My favorites ! :)

    6  14 Jul 2016  
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