Hello from Argentina

  • gervit



    Hi friends, I'm Gerardo an audio lover from Buenos Aires.
    I read and write in one audio forum in my own language, but I always visit another sites, and this seem to be near my audio perspective.
    By the way, at April I'll be in Athens and think to buy one "audio souvenir" like any journey that I do.
    I prefer tube amplifiers, pre and phono stage usually, but at this moment two mono Classe are driven a pair of Apogee Duetta signs at my room. Digital and analog both of them live in my system as option, I've learned to married my ears for that. Esoteric K-03 for one and Technics SP10MKII/SAEC W308N/ Koestsu Rosewood/Allnic 1500 MKII phono stage on DIY wood and slate plinth for records.

    Well, I hope your acceptance.



    1  18 Jan 2016  
  • Toptubes


    ACA Member

    Hi Gerardo and welcome in our site-forum.

    Your system is very nice... I love Apogge's and I use to have few models some years ago...

    I hope you enjoy our company.

    2  18 Jan 2016  
  • gervit



    Hi Toptubes, thanks for repply me.
    Ful ribbons came to my life to stay. They are I've found for ten years in audio. I've owner Tannoy Berkeley and Edinburgh SE with ST50 supeertweeter before. Tube amps like ARC VT130SE, Ayon Spirit, and I´m sure tubes are magic! But my speaker decision did choice for me.
    I've searched for tube amp for low impedance and I saw Graaf brand and OTL designs. Have you experienced with it?

    By the way and thinking in my stay at Athens, do you know Music Lover store?

    Thanks again


    3  18 Jan 2016  
  • Manos_Bits


    Chairman Administrator

    hi Gerardo, we welcome you in our audiophile place.. me and many other people here are tube lovers too.. you 've got a nice system, will be much acceptable also some photos from your place.. wish you a nice stay here..

    regards.. Manos

    4  18 Jan 2016  
  • gervit



    Hi Manos_bits, thanks for your repply.
    A few, but now I see don't have any picture from Classe CT M600s. Well, up some with KRELL system (2x EVO400 + pre) tested for two mounths at home. Finally to my ears Classes won.

    5  18 Jan 2016  
  • Toptubes


    ACA Member

    My set-up's with Apogge Slant 6 with Krell and Apogge Douetta with Jeff Rowland model 7 monoblocks

    PB recovered post #66243-0


    PB recovered post #66243-2

    PB recovered post #66243-3

    6  18 Jan 2016  
  • petkef



    Ώπα λέμε...

    7  19 Jan 2016  
  • panos_adgr


    ACA Member Audio Addicted

    Hello Gerardo!

    Welcome to our audio company! It's nice to have forum member and readers from abroad!

    8  19 Jan 2016  
  • Mikekan


    ACA Member

    Welcome Gerardo!

    9  20 Jan 2016  
  • kotsidisjohn


    ACA Member

    Welcome ! Nice to see u here!

    10  21 Jan 2016  
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