Hi from Portugal

  • afonso




    Iam from Portugal and being following your site for several months.

    Last day i saw a picture of my power monoblocks in your high end álbum, so decided to put some other photos of my system.

    Main System

    Conrad Johnson Premier 12 Tube monoblocks
    Conrad Johnson Premier 14 tube preamp
    Conrad Johnson EV1 tube phonostage
    Conrad Johnson da 2b tube DAC
    Denon DCD 1500AE CD transport
    Ortofon Verto SUT
    Micro Seiki RX 1500 - SME IV -Ortofon Jubilee ; Ikeda IT 407 CR1 - Denon 103R ; Fidelity Research 64FX - Fidelity Research MC202 ; Denon DA 307 - Denon DL 103 MK II ; Thomas Schick 12" waiting Custom Micro Seiki armboard production.
    Kenwood KD 7010 turntable - Shure V15 Type III
    Revox B710 MKII tapecassete
    B&W 683 speakers
    Custom pure silver cables

    Other old stuff;

    Pioneer SX 1050 receiver
    Kenwood KR 11000 GX Receiver
    Revox A77 MKI tapecassete
    Tascam BR20
    Teac A450 tapecassete

    1  21 Aug 2014  
  • Manos_Bits


    Chairman Administrator

    good morning.. afonso welcome on board..

    great sysyem.. great pictures.. great analog gear..!!

    2  22 Aug 2014  
  • Mikekan


    ACA Member


    Nice system!

    3  22 Aug 2014  
  • Anton


    ACA Member

    Hi afonso, nice system, very good analog gear!
    I would like to ask you about your arms and carts combo.
    I am also a vinyl fan, so my eyes goes upon them, automatically!
    Which one you prefer, most of all?
    Differences between Ikeda - FR 64?

    4  24 Aug 2014  
  • afonso



    Hi Anton,

    For my personal opinion Ortofon Jubilee is from another league. Far superior to both Denon DL 103R and Denon 301MKII.
    The FR 202 MC its superior to both Denon but not quite so excelent like the Ortofon.

    I would say that FR MC202 is well balanced and sounds truly analogic. A lovely cartdrige...

    I have change the FR MC 202 between the Ikeda and the FR 64 FX ( 10") and i notice the upgrade of the Ikeda 12". But it is not a big diference just enough to notice the superior harmony of the Ikeda 12".

    With the Micro Seiki RX1500 you notice all the "bad" things of the cheaper Denons.

    I have not tried yet the Ortofon Jubilee with the Ikeda because of the high compliance of the Jubilee.

    I hope soon try a top end Koetsu cartdrige with the Ikeda and then compare with the SME IV and Jubilee.



    5  24 Aug 2014  
  • geno



    Hello afonso,
    i have no words.. just congrats about your system(s), the old stuff is also great!

    6  24 Aug 2014  
  • afonso



    Manos_Bits wrote:
    good morning.. afonso welcome on board..
    great sysyem.. great pictures.. great analog gear..!!

    Hi Manos_bits

    Forgot to mention my favorite analog equipament along with the Micro Seiki...

    Revox PR99.

    In the analogic world nothing gets close to the RTR...

    7  24 Aug 2014  
  • petkef



    Welcome afonso. Very nice set up!!!

    8  24 Aug 2014  
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