Hello from Australia

  • Plato



    Hello everyone.
    I just joined the ACA site and look forward to reading your articles.
    I am a big lover of the greek bouzouki and hope to find some HQ recordings to purchase instead of the poor quality MP3s available.

    1  20 Nov 2012  
  • wanda


    Smiley Queen

    Hello from Greece!!

    Welcome to our lovely company of aca!

    I'm sure that you're going to find what you like and join your staying here!!

    It's wonderful to find out that there are lovers of greek instruments like bouzouki, so far from Greece!!

    2  21 Nov 2012  
  • Mikekan


    ACA Member

    Welcome Plato! Enjoy your stay!

    3  21 Nov 2012  
  • Manos_Bits


    Chairman Administrator

    welcome... have a nice stay in ACA forum...

    have you ever been in other Greek Hiend forums?

    4  21 Nov 2012  
  • Plato



    Thank you!

    No I have not been to any other hi end forums.

    5  30 Nov 2012  
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