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    I received this from Jeff:

    Hello Readers!
    The bad news is, this is our biggest issue ever, so the High Res version will take a while to download, but the good news is it's our biggest issue ever! With so many print magazines' content shrinking, we continue our committment to finding you the best music, gear and goodies the world over.
    Bob Gendron has more in-depth coverage of the ATP Music Festival, and on top of catching Todd Rundgren performing Todd and Healing for the first time in history, we have a great mini interview with his costume designer, Rachel Culp. (daughter of the famous TV spy, Robert Culp!)
    Bob Golfen spent a few days at the recently opened Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. If you love music, this is a destination not to be missed, as you will see from the feature.
    We've got plenty of music reviews, from the new Bob Dylan Booleg, to the phenominal Slayer box set on vinyl.
    And of course, great HiFi gear, from across the spectrum, including the magnificent GamuT S-9 speakers
    You can download the standard version here:
    And if you dare, the High Resolution version here:
    Sit down with an adult beverage (or two) it's going to take you a while to get through this one!
    Jeff Dorgay
    Publisher, TONEAudio Magazine

    I urge people to D/L all past issues.

    1  15 Oct 2010  
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