I received this from a friend from Istrael! Please have a look!

  • Mikekan


    ACA Member

    //Hi Mike
    Thanks for the invite.
    Long time....
    Our website has grown now and has over 31,000 registered members and over 270,000 unique visits per month !
    Do you think we could get some sponsorship from your end (local manufacturers, organizers etc.) for a reporter to visit the show and report it back?

    I someone can help please post your proposals!

    Name of webiste and person at your disposal!

    1  7 Oct 2010  
  • Desire



    The answer to that question is no. We are not in the business to sell. ACA is for enthusiasts of the HIGHER END OF TEMPERAMENT, and not only of music.

    2  10 Oct 2010  
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