Impressions and Best Sound in the Munich Hi-End Show

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    But apart from these, there is one unique reaction that you can rarely witness: people listening in full silence as if they are listening to a prayer in a temple, very much like a mystical experience. If you meet up such a demonstration, you will also notice that most listeners will not leave the room unless the track that is being played is completely finished. That is, fully respecting the music and nothing else, neither the sound nor the components. And this is exactly what I witnessed in Ypsilon Electronics’ room in partnership with Finite Element. To assure my testimony I visited the room for several times and that temple like atmosphere never changed.

    Did the listeners’ reactions support my likes and dislikes? Up to a certain point yes. I too found Ypsilon and Nagra rooms as musically most impressive and satisfying (still keeping my concern about the high frequency band in reserve). As both set−ups were driving Wilson Alexias, this also gave me the opportunity to make a fair comparison between the two. The only fact that bothers me while making such an evaluation is my lack of knowledge if both were properly burnt in. In fact I knew Ypsilon Hyperion monoblocks –it was the world premiere– were fresh from the factory, not burnt in more than 50 hours and Wilson Alexias were out of their boxes for the first time in Munich as Demetris Backlavas explained during a chat with Matej and me. I have no idea if Nagra electronics and their Alexias were conditioned properly since I didn’t have a chance to ask.
    Despite being raw, in the Ypsilon room all the components in the system were playing in such harmony and in such a musical way that one could easily ignore any weaknesses related to their lack of condition. This was also by far the best performance of Alexias in Munich and I’m saying this in confidence since I had the chance to listen to 4 more performing in other systems within a few hours time. In fact Matej shared my opinion, even going further to say that these were the best sounding Alexias he had heard anywhere else. To my ears Hyperions –even in their not burnt in condition– were simply fascinating. They just got out of the way and let the music flow. The way they create soundstage and space was exemplary.

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