Add Columns 'Bits Per Sample' & 'Samplerate' in Foobar..

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    Foobar is the favourite kid of Audiophiles for Digital Music Reproduction.. It's a simple and valuable software piece to stream the digital files to Dac..

    Foobar has many functions and it's quite customizable.. Here we make a custom Job to add two columns in the playlist for displaying critical file information about the music playing, "Bits Per Sample" & "Samplerate".. Also we add these info in the status bar..

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    to add "bits per sample" column in Foobar:


    - go foobar/file/preferences/display/default user interface/playlist view

    - go right to the upper window Custom Columns and press Add New

    - foobar opens a line we can write

    - go left "Name" and we put the name "Bits Per Sample"

    - go right "Pattern" and we paste this exactly line :

    $if($strcmp(%__encoding%,lossy),%bitrate% kbps mp3,%__bitspersample% bit)

    - press Apply


    we do the same to add "Sample Rate Column..

    Just in the "Name" field we put the name "Sample Rate" and in the "Pattern" we paste this exactly line :

    $if($strcmp(%__encoding%,lossy),%samplerate% Hz,%samplerate% Hz)

    and apply..

    our columns are ready to display the info of every music data playing.. Just mention here that the column "bitrate" that exist reaady in foobar HAS NOT to do with the losless files but with mp3 files, showing the bitrate mp3 encoding!!



    of cource we can later add or hide those columns with right click in the columns line/columns..


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    to add Bits Per Sample & Samplerate in Foobar status bar to watch while music playing :

    - go foobar/file/preferences/display/default user interface

    - go right in the miedle under Playback State Display Formatting in the 2nd line : Status Bar and paste that exactly line :

    %codec% | %samplerate% Hz | $if($strcmp(%__encoding%,lossy),%bitrate% kbps mp3,%__bitspersample% bit) | %channels% | %playback_time%[ / %length%]

    - press Apply
    ready, we can watch the bits per sample and sample rate of the playing music in the Status Bar..

    (** those code lines are 100% tested, every one can use them freely, they add good functionality in the Foobar Info and have been coded in a way to display mp3 where an mp3 file is playing..)


    3  24 Mar 2016  
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