How many amplifiers?



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    How many amplifiers

    How many amplifiers an Audiophile needs?
    After my long search towards my audio Nirvana I have decided that during this period in my life I need the following:
    1. single ended stereo amplifier with one 300B per channel ( 7W/channel)
    2. single ended stereo with one el84 per channel ( 3.5 W/ channel)
    3. single ended stereo amplifier with a sizeable power supply to support one of the following tubes 6L6, el34, KT88, 6550, KT90 per channel ( 10 to 17 W per channel ).
    4. stereo amplifier with a sigle pair of mosfet transistors per channel ( 45 to 60 W per channel).

    With the above four amplifiers there is a lot of play!!!!!


    1  3 Dec 2014  
  • aar



    Just one
    211 6c45 single ended
    for tannoys...

    2  3 Dec 2014  


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    και αυτό σωστό!!!

    3  4 Dec 2014  
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