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    Sam Tellig ( Stereophile) claims that he has found an integrated amplifier that he calls it the “exit Level”. Very inventive of him the use of this term.

    This means that you don’t need to search any more for another amplifier this one has it ALL.
    A grey box with a volume control and a source selector and that’s it!!!
    Well I have this amplifier… it is really something special. It is sounds sooooo right, It is like a single 300B with real power , at least for my Tannoys. I enjoy it a lot. I now realize what Sam means by “Exit Level”
    There is one problem though, it means that I have to stop searching for amplifiers. This is not me,
    So do I have a problem? Am I going crazy?
    Please help!!!!
    Sorry I forgot to tell you that the amplifier is the LFD MkIV LE

    1  3 Dec 2014  
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