Hiding component information



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    Hiding components’ information

    Audio is full of odd and peculiar theories about subjective sound quality. Some manufacturers try to create a story about their sound of their products (they call it House Sound).
    Some of them publish papers about their findings in reputable scientific publications like AES, IEEE, etc.
    I do not want to comment on their theories because there are too many and I respect their effort to create realistic audio reproduction.
    What I hate is when I see that some manufacturers are HIDING COMPONENT INFORMATION on the circuit board so that you cannot identify the type of component they use. To me this is totally dishonest and that they try to create some mystery about their Bullshit they claim that they have discovered.
    I just want your opinion on this and if you have come across a situation like this.


    1  3 Dec 2014  
  • Manos_Bits


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    hi Chris.. I totally agree with you..

    I do hate sealed-boxed circuits, resin-enclosured boards and snake-oil-stuffed cables..

    I really do NOT beleive in magic and secret recipes in audio..

    audio is not tequila or whiskey..

    magic is to design a unique circuit that plays music..

    2  3 Dec 2014  
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