Question about Xaitas VR-3 Power Isolator

  • Caesar



    Hi guys,

    Thank you all for having me here in your wonderful community.

    I am relatively new to hi-fi audio , and I managed in the last year to form a small audio system consisting of : 2 Parasound HCA 2200 MK 2 amps, 1 Parasound PLD 2000 Preamp, 1 Parasound D/Ac 2000 , 1 Parasound CBD 2000 CD transport and 2 speaker systems ( Klipsch La Scala and Infinity RS 2.5).

    I'm just starting to experiment with different interconnection cables and different speakers and AC cables but I have one small question for you guys :

    - A friend wants to sell me a Xaitas VR-3 Power Isolator made by the guys from in Greece . Will this device make a huge difference in my system ?

    I've tried getting some info on the Internet about differences, "Line Isolator VS Line Conditioner" and some info about the Xaitas VR-3 performance but all the good stuff is written in Greek.

    Did some of you heard about this device or tested it ? Any kind of help will be appreciated.

    Thank you very much.

    One picture with my system

    1  20 Dec 2013  
  • Anton


    ACA Member

    I never heard to this device, but I think that your ears will tell you.
    Just try, before you buy...

    2  22 Dec 2013  
  • Caesar



    Thank you for your answer. I've allready made my mind. I will not buy it because it is only a solution for galvanic isolation. It will not stop any power surge.

    From what i've read, it's good for reducing noise from the power line , and that is about it, nothing else.

    Thank you all for your help.

    3  22 Dec 2013  
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