The two musketeers (TLA+Ypsilon)

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    On one of the last ACA’s meetings we had the occasion of appearance of two very well known, in this country but also internationally, Greek high end audio manufacturers.
    Velissarios Georgiadis of TLA (Trulife Audio) and Dimitris Baklavas of Ypsilon Electronics .
    Both with high recommendations from the well-known Stereophile magazine in class A and Class A+ categories for their products and also with many reviews and articles in various web and written magazines.

    1  18 Aug 2013  
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    They had a long conversation in an excellent mood. Later on discussed with other ACA members about their new products and for high end audio in general.
    ACA is very proud to have both as members.

    2  18 Aug 2013  
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    Jacob Heilbrun has posted a review of the Ypsilon VPS 100 phono preamplifier ($26,000) at TONEAudio. His conclusions:

    “Like the ancient Greek hero Ulysses, it’s taking its sweet time to reach its home destination. But the path that leads to it is sheer bliss. The Ypsilon is as pure as it gets. It is not a good phonostage. It is a superb one. But beware: If you audition the Ypsilon, you will almost surely be unable to part with it.”

    You can read the full review here.


    3  18 Oct 2013  
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