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    Firstly a very big thank you to Kyriakos Kougioumtzoglou of the Audiophile Club of Athens who answered my email recently and suggested I should write a few words about myself, and my audio products and designs.
    Perhaps I should begin with a few details about myself, I am of Greek Cypriot origin, and I was born in London, England, I studied technical illustration, photography and design. My passion and interest is connected to audio in all its forms, especially the design of turntable related products.

    Perhaps I should mention that my reason for contacting the Audiophile Club of Athens, I was sent link to a video about the Audiophile Club of Athens this film introduced some of its members, showing their passion and devotion to their hobby, reproduction of music and the amazing high-end equipment that they use to achieve this.

    Plinth Design
    Kridon Panteli

    Few Words About Plinth Design

    I have always had an interest in music and high end audio equipment, but it was only about three years ago that I began designing audio related products, a situation that had arisen because I had bought a Garrard 401 turntable and couldn’t find a suitably designed plinth for it, so I sat down and sketched a plinth around the Garrard, in fact I stayed up into the early hours of the morning until I had completed seven very different designs.

    I had the first prototype made the “Classic” piano black plinth, but couldn’t find suitable isolating feet or supports, and that is why I designed the adjustable “type 1 feet” these were the first of five types that are in production at the moment.

    Plinth-Design-Piano Black Plinth

    Piano Black Plinth

    The initial manufacturing of the prototype feet was a long story in itself, it took me over a year to find a suitable manufacturer for these and other products in the range, eventually I found a family run engineering company in England who understood my needs, enabling me to design and produce a perfectly engineered and functional product at an acceptable price. I also made contact with very reliable, electroplaters, specialising in anodising and gold plating, I also have close contacts to a metal polishing company, which enabled me to add high quality individual finishes to the products.

    The range of designs quickly increased as I began to see gaps in the market for further products that I felt were useful. My website: Plinth Design, shows a range of products including turntable plinths designs, this will be updated with new products as they go into production.

    The isolating feet

    The type 1 is a fully adjustable for height and levelling.
    This three part design has a separate mounting plate, and isolating base, this is designed around a hidden cone, the recessed cone design enables the foot to stand on any surface without causing any damage to the surface they are placed on.

    Dimensions: 50mm diameter maximum, 50mm minimum height.


    Type 1 Isolating Feet


    Type 1 Isolating Feet, Gold Version

    The type II is a simplified non height adjustable version, visually similar to the type 1 in outward appearance but of a simple one piece construction, primarily intended as an upgrade to the standard plastic or rubber feet supplied on some equipment, adding quality, isolating properties, weight and stability to any equipment at low cost.

    Dimensions: 50mm diameter, 25mm height.


    Polished Type II Isolating Feet

    The type III is of a more compact three-piece design with adjustment for height and levelling, ideal for smaller equipment, CD players, isolating platforms, and for skeletal plinths to separate and isolate the upper and lower plinth platforms.

    Dimensions: 30mm Height 32mm.


    Type III Isolating Feet

    The type 4 (Bearing) is a new product of a three piece construction, designed around a removable precision chrome steel bearing which minimising contact between the supporting surfaces, and like the cone design in the type 1 feet it reduces transmitted vibrations and resonance’s helping to isolate and decouple equipment they are fitted to. Fitting is with a one screw option of your choice up to 4mm, another version is available with an M6 or an M8 recessed cap head screw to fit existing female threads supplied with some equipment as standard.

    The type 4 B chrome steel bearing version offers an almost unlimited weight capacity and robustness, it has a unique advantage over other supports, isolators, and decouplers, as the ball bearing can be replaced with similar sized sphere or cylindrically shaped plug made of a variety of materials, for example Delrin, Neoprene, Nitrile rubber, Nylon, Perspex or Polypropylene to alter the sonic characteristics of the foot, as with many other products experimentation is essential and results can and will vary between equipment and the material used.

    Height: 35mm Diameter 50mm.


    Type 4 Bearing


    Type 4 White Plug

    The type 4 (Bearing) is also available in a combination of machine turned cast acrylic and aluminium.

    Height: 35mm Diameter 50mm.


    Acrylic Type 4 Bearing Feet


    Acrylic Type 4 Isolating Foot

    Record Weights/Pucks

    A range of record weights for turntables is also available, turned from the same high grade AW 6026 aluminium as the isolating feet, which has excellent machining and surface quality, and is suitable for colour anodising.

    The record weights vary in design and weight, and range in weight from 350g to 525g, they can be made to special order, like all the other products in the range they can be uniquely customised using colour anodising, hard anodising to create an almost indestructible surface finish, they can also 24k gold plated or polished to a mirror finish.

    Diameter: 70-80mm height about 40mm.


    Aluminium Record Weights


    Record Weight Middle Grip, Polished


    Budget Puck 1


    Budget Puck 2


    Budget Puck 3


    Budget Puck 3

    Work ethics

    I endeavour to produce products that offer perfect functionality, superior engineering quality, and aesthetic design at a reasonable price.

    New products

    A variety of new products are on the drawing board and in their test stage, once they have passed the test and manufacturing stage, they will be updated and announced on my website.

    The latest product is a powerful compact and portable multifunctional turntable lamp that can be used as a reading or computer keyboard lamp. Also a range of designer record weights will be on offer.

    Plinth Design can be contacted regarding questions or special orders.

    Plinth Design

    • Contact: Mr. Kridon Panteli, London
    • Email:
    • Website:
    • Phone: 0044 207 272 9940
    1  31 Aug 2012  
  • kotsidisjohn


    ACA Member

    Stylish , nice, elegant !

    And very good pictures as well!

    We also have our own, Nick Kostadima who has the same passion and builds very nice also plinths!

    Well done!

    2  31 Aug 2012  
  • Manos_Bits


    ACA Member Administrator

    fantastic work... Will you build a plinth for my black widow ???

    3  1 Sep 2012  
  • Mikekan


    ACA Member

    Very good job!

    4  1 Sep 2012  
  • Kridon



    Manos_Bits wrote:
    fantastic work... Will you build a plinth for my black widow ???
    Hello Manos, that's an interesting project, there is something that I like about direct drive turntables, perhaps their robustness. Although I don't build the plinths myself, I could design something around your turntable chassis providing I have accurate measurements.


    5  2 Sep 2012  
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