DIY Silver Interconnects - Quick and Easy (#3)

  • Dewald V

    Dewald V


    Trouble wrote:
    Dew, please understand that I am not trying to pick a fight, but learn. You of all people know I am a **** fer brains DIYer. But through you I am trying to learn. What I mean by extraction is the temperature the silver when its being molded. Any other factors which must be taken into consideration? I am just trying to make less mistakes and conform to your exact specs, as well as learn and question what doesn't make sense to someone who doesn't have or comes close to your experience.
    As for FM, yes we all know of the products, especially its older models, but believe you me, its not that we believe in high end cables, we believe IF not anything else Most compnies r a ripp off....the Sakra at 10 grand though is an absolute wire in my mind. I just can't afford it now...especially after German intervention in an attempt to ruin Greece beyond what the Greek politicians already do.
    We r trying to find answers to the wire question which I feel is a Very important part of the chain..
    One more thing..
    Manos is a very vivid and fruitfull minded person, he sometimes comes out as aggressive, as I thought when I met him, but he is rather extremely passionate about our hobby, so much so as to drive you mad sometimes. But in the end you will see, once you get to see the devils advocates logic, you will be delighted..he is refreshing and very smart indeed...

    I also dont want to fight Tony.

    About the silver wire. It can be annealed or normal. Annealed would be a bit better.

    10-4 on Manos... but I feel he is a bit unfair in the way he approach the subject.

    FM Acoustics... thats a different topic for a different time...

    25  25 Mar 2010  
  • Trouble


    ACA Member


    I never thought it was still working...

    26  25 Mar 2010  
  • Mikekan


    ACA Member

    FM Acoustics although not very popular, have rave reviews in the States! I would love to hear one of the amplifiers in my system!

    27  26 Mar 2010  
  • Trouble


    ACA Member

    They have or had a unique Love it or hate it sound. Most people loved it from the Audiophile world. Others hated it I remember. And they were very well priced.

    28  26 Mar 2010  
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