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    Most advanced High end PC Music server for sale at cost: New just played to be broken in

    Totally fan-less with passive cooling (complete silence) and 100% powered with low noise external linear power supply.

    Micro processor: intel i5

    8 gb of ram

    Operating system is Microsoft Server 2016 which has been optimized for sound with Audiophile optimizer and Fidelizer Pro, it runs MusiCHI Server player, a copy of MusiCHI Suite C/S Edition is also included [Tagger, Ripper, Server, Client player]. With this combination of software and best quality hardware the sound quality is truly amazing.

    HDPLEX 2nd Gen H5 Fanless Chassis


    HDPLEX 400W ATX Linear Power Supply


    which powers the motherboard directly and has 4 others output to power better a USB disk, a DAC etc, from 5 to 12 volts

    Front board is Silver color both computer and LPSU.

    It was custom assembled by a skilful professional PC-Mastor: http://www.pc-mastor.gr/

    and all software optimization/installation by the engineer of MusiCHI: http://www.musichi.eu/

    2500 euros not negotiable…..(including the software and up to half a day of help to set it up on site in Athens)

    1  16 Dec 2017  
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